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AS300 Shaped Pressure Relief Cushion - 10cm


Brand Airospring

Sitting on Air

Airospring's latest cushion is the AS300 orthopaedic pressure relief cushion, our first cushion to offer a shaped profile and postural support  

People are spending much more time sitting down than they used to, and we at Airospring have dedicated ourselves to coming up with novel solutions to this increasing demand. Using the same technology as the AS100 and AS200, the AS300 is ideal for wheelchairs, office chairs, or car/lorry seats and is designed to make prolonged sitting a comfortable experience. It provide postural support by incorporating a recess which supports the pelvis and spreads pressure very effectively. Made using our patented warp knitted 3D Spacer fabrics, this product is the result of extensive research between Baltex Technical Textiles and The University of Bolton’s medical and technical textiles department. 

Incredible Technology for Unbelievable Comfort

Three layers of fabrics cushion and distribute pressure effectively meaning that there is less pressure placed on one small area. We have run extensive pressure mapping tests in line with ISO 16840 s wheelchair seating standard. The AS300 is also designed to help prevent perspiration by facilitating airflow when in use. We used non-allergenic materials in the production of the AS300 

The AS300 is the thickest pressure relief cushion in our range – helping to ensure a comfortable and supportive seat.  

Made in the UK, Machine Washable (40°C), Mapped Pressure, Weight (Light), Comfortable, Breathable cover  

Delivery two working days

Suitable for a Whole Range of Purposes

There are plenty of professions and scenarios which require you to sit down for extended periods of time. The AS300 is designed specifically for these, and any other time when you’re required to sit down for a while. We recommend the cushions for the following:-

  • Wheelchair users
  • Taxi, lorry and long distance drivers
  • Office and desk workers
  • Arenas and stadia

Key Benefits

We’re so proud of our range of pressure relief cushions. The AS300 is a benchmark for washable wheelchair cushions and we cannot wait for you to try them. The benefits over ordinary cushions are as follows:

  • Pressure mapped to ensure effective distribution of pressure and reliable support
  • 3D Spacer fabric allows for dissipation of perspiration, air circulation and movement. 
  • The material adapts as you move and conforms to any demand placed by your position
  • Made with 100% polyester, much better at allowing the cushion to breathe than hard gel cushions
  • Around half the weight of other cushion products at just 850 gms
  • Tested and compliant with ignitability British Standard EN ISO 1021 parts 1 and 2
  • Maximum weight 160kgs

If you are purchasing for a care home or hospital you should purchase the PRO range of Airospring which is sold by our distributor Polymorit  - Click here for Airospring PRO