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AS120 PRO - Pressure Relief Cushion (Dementia & Sight impairment)


  • It’s designed to fit most standard wheel chairs
  • Size 18 by 18 inches - 45 cms by 45cms - 3cms thick
  • It is made from our breathable, patented high-tech 3XD ™ fabric
  • It keeps you cool in the summer and comfortable all year long
  • The whole cushion, along with its outer cover, is machine washable for continued and long-lasting use
  • It’s around half the weight (520 grams) of alternative gel and similar cushions for mobility and portability
  • Tested to CRIB 5 (flame retardant) specification 
  • It’s better than memory foam or gel cushions. Our patent was granted in 2014 and we improved the design August 2019 to be the best on the market
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The Airospring AS120 is our new and revolutionary pressure relieving cushion designed with dementia patients and those with sight impairments in mind... 

How is the product dementia friendly?

It is crucial that when caring for someone with dementia you have their best interests in mind. Here at Airospring we have a team of professionals with years of background in the care industry who wanted to create a cushion which benefited those with dementia. 

These cushions are designed to look like a standard household cushion, made out of a comfortable and breathable material. Which isn’t hospitalised and daunting for those with dementia. We know that sometimes it can be hard for us to spot a chair or know where to sit down, so these cushions are available in a range of different contrasting colours which can be picked to contrast against your furniture.

With all the benefits of a standard Airospring cushion included 

The cushion is a result of over five years of academic research at the University of Bolton. This product has a number of benefits, many of which you won’t find from others on the market:


‘It was much better for my husband as he didn’t think the cushion was to stop him from getting damage and therefore he didn’t mind sitting on it. And the bright colours made it easy to see!’

"I was very sceptical about this cushion but decided to give it a try as it was more affordable than many others and foam cushions just make me too hot. Well only been a couple of weeks but its comfortable, keeps it shape and keeps me cool. In my opinion it's as good as much more expensive cushions if not better!''

Delivery is available within two working days. We know you’ll love our products, but we also offer a 14-day refund guarantee just in case you aren’t fully satisfied.

If you are purchasing for a care home or hospital, you should purchase the PRO range of Airospring products, which is sold by our distributor Polymorit.