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CMT -220 VW Campervan Mattress Topper


Campervan rest with Airospring CMT230 Mattress topper

A new standard for healthy sleeping!

Using the ground breaking 3D fabric technology, the CMT220 will follow you everywhere. Whether you need a pain-free sleep or a comfortable rest...

VW Campervan mattress topper  - fits perfectly in your pop top bed space  Best used with 1 inch foam mattress  

Designed in a end user focus, Airospring's revolutionary mattress topper is portable and easily foldable. Compared to all the foam mattress toppers in the market, the CMT220 is innovative because it:

  • Made from patented 3XD fabric technology from Baltex

  • Made in the UK

  • Helps distribute pressure evenly,

  • Promotes air flow and breathability,

  • Results in greater comfort.

  • For use in all homes, motorhomes, campsites or recreational vehicles,

  • Keep you comfortable and cool.

  • Dimensions 190cms by 66cms,122cms,135cms by 2.5cms thick- select size on product list.

Airospring TM mattress toppers are made from 3XD fabric technology which allows for high airflow keeping you comfortable and cool. It is the next generation of bedding materials to take over from memory foam and performs better.

Airospring cushions are the sustainable option for the future. The vast majority of cushions are made from PU foam which ends up in landfill. Our cushions are made from 3XD Spacer fabric - 100% Polyester which can be recycled again and again. 

That means a cooler night’s sleep for camping, caravans, motorhomes, boats trucks. The toppers can be packed down and taken on holiday and of course used in the home.

Developed as a medical product Airospring technology works well for those with back, muscle and joint pain.


Mar 19
Used Airospring camping topper in our vw Campervan. Excellent quality and very comfortable to sleep on



Pick the size that fits your bed best and enjoy sleeping on Air!