Airospring are offering the opportunity to win a fabulous selection of goods from our  range including seating cushions, back cushions, and mattress toppers.

Perfect for working from home our back cushions and seating cushions will make you comfortable and prevent back pain. 

We also offer a mattress topper our fabulous MT230 to go on a single bed. It can also be used on camping trips or for travel.

Package is as follows:-

1 - Back cushion AS45 for the office chair or car

2 - AS100 Seating cushion - choose from 6 colours in our range to provide comfort on your home office chair *

3 - Mattress topper - MT230 - our best selling mattress topper is breathable , washable and recyclable. It fits on all single beds.

Total value : £135

Closing Date: Monday 19th of July 2021

* You can choose more work from home seating cushions or back cushions if you do not want the mattress topper. 

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