Often in life, it’s the small, everyday things that make the biggest difference to our overall happiness. Others may not notice them, but when you’ve had a long day at work and you know that you’re returning to a comfortable space of your own, it’s a calming and familiar feeling that brings a welcoming sense of security.  

There’s no hidden mystery to achieving this comfort it’s simple! Here are five easy suggestions on how to make your home extra cosy. 

1. Eliminate Clutter

If you’re familiar with the phrase “tidy home, tidy mind”, then you may already know the psychological impact of cleanliness. Whether you love or despise cleaning, you can’t ignore the positive effects. 

Not only does regularly tidying up improve the aesthetics of your home, but you’ll also feel a lot more relaxed because it’s a job you no longer have to do. This doesn’t have to be one ginormous chore either — instead, create a routine so that each day has its equal share. 

There is no better feeling than settling in for the night, knowing that everything around you is in the right place so that you can start fresh the following day.

2. Sleep on a Mattress Topper

On the topic of sleeping, it’s also essential that your bed is a place of exceptional comfort. Admittingly, this makes it a lot harder to get up in the morning, but then you can look forward to returning after a productive day. 

Plush pillows and knitted blankets are wonderful options, but you can go one step further with a pressure relief mattress topper. Layer this on top of your mattress to support your neck and back it’ll feel like hotel comfort every night of the week.

3. Showcase Your Memories

There’s nothing more heart-warming than a heavy dose of nostalgia, which is all the more reason to add your personal touches and memories to the space around you. Do you have a favourite photo? Frame it. Or a piece of art you got on holiday? Put it on the wall. 

We work hard to have a home, so make the most of it and showcase absolutely anything that makes you smile or brings you comfort. 

4. Bring the Outside In

Adding a touch of indoor greenery is a great way to add some tranquillity to your home, and it’s much easier than you may think. Treat your home to a bouquet of fresh flowers once a month to add a punch of colour and life to your everyday environment. They don’t have to be expensive or overly-fancy; supermarkets offer plenty of pretty options, which are easy to pick up and enjoyable to arrange in your favourite vases around the house. 

Additionally, it’s also a nice idea to grow a couple of plants in the home. A little green can do wonders for your wellbeing and will generally brighten and fill up space around you to create a comforting ambience.

5. Add Soft Lighting

Warm lighting is an excellent way to increase the comfort of your home and you can use it in a couple of ways. Using the lights and lamps you’ve already got, experiment with a few different bulb shades. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm, glowing light, so these are useful for the living room and bedrooms where you don’t necessarily need bright light to carry out intricate tasks. 

Lastly, you can never have enough candles. Whether you like tealights, scented candles or lanterns, they all add a soft glow that make you feel happy to be there. 

6. Add Soft Rugs

Adding a rug is a super quick fix to soften up any hard wooden floors. Not only does a great rug provide comfort for your feet, but it can also warm up a cool room, and well — it just ties the whole room together. It’s certainly a finishing touch for a comfortable home.