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AS100 Pressure Relief Cushion


Brand Airospring


The Airospring AS100 is our revolutionary pressure relief cushion. It provides comfort for office chairs, car seats and wheelchairs.

  • Breathable cushion made from patented high tech 3XD ™ fabric - UK made. 
  • Keeps you cool in summer, can be folded to take on holiday
  • Around half the weight (520gms) of alternative gel and similar cushions for mobility and portability.
  • Compliant with BS EN ISO 1021 Part 1 & 2 (assessment of ignitability) for increased safety
  • Better than memory foam or gel cushions. Patent Granted 2014 Improved design Aug 17.
  • The whole cushion is machine washable at 40°C. Hygienic product.

    Delivery two working days

    • The highly rated AS100 is also machine washable. Try Sitting on Air!

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    If you are purchasing for a care home or hospital you should purchase the PRO range of Airospring which is sold by our distributor Polymorit  - Click here for Airospring PRO

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    Amazon customer 23rd September 2017

    "I've now bought this product 2 or 3 times. It is the best wheelchair cushion we have ever used. That's based on 60 years of wheel chairing."

    Dr Peter Green - "From the moment I started to use the cushion; on wheelchair, scooter and reclining chair, it became quite apparent that this cushion did "everything it said on the tin". I notice a massive feeling of comfort as opposed to a "normal" much thicker gel cushion, and particularly whilst using the electric wheelchair for long periods. That regular feeling, in the past, of possible Pressure Sore development, which is the constant fear of every wheelchair user, from my perspective has been eliminated and is now in the past"


    Made in UK, Machine Washable (40°C), Mapped Pressure, Weight (Light), Comfortable, Breathable, Health Product