We are very pleased to announce that we’re going to have a stand at Trade Days 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham. We’ll be showing off our patented pressure relieving cushions and mattress overlays, so come on down to see our products in action.

Trade Days is an exhibition for everyone involved in the manufacture, supply or retail of products designed to assist with healthcare, homecare, mobility, rehabilitation, independent living and assistive technology markets. It’s a fantastic event to see just what innovation and developments have been made in this industry. We think it’s going to be inspiring and a real eye-opener that will encourage us to do even better and work even harder. Our range of pressure relief cushions and mattress toppers will fit in very nicely here.

Trade Days is such a fantastic two-day event and it's going to be chock full of great exhibits, providing essential services and products that are guaranteed to change people’s lives for the better. We’d love it if you came and saw us, and Birmingham is a lovely place to visit in any case!

We’re proud of our entire range; the AS100, 200 and 300 pressure relief cushions, the AS45 back support cushion and the MT230 Mattress Topper. We are committed to helping those with disabilities to have a more comfortable and healthier sit. Wheelchair users will benefit enormously from our pressure relief cushions since they spend extended periods of time sitting down.

They have been designed using our patented 3D fabric technology - the three layers dissipate weight between them, preventing too much pressure from being placed on one area of your skin. This stops the reduction of blood flow and helps prevent the formation of pressure ulcers, one of the main health problems that wheelchair users face. The three layers each have different properties and they’re all combined together to make the ultimate in comfort, health and breathability.

Our cushions even create their own microclimate next to your skin, to keep it both cool and dry, and enormously reducing the chance of discomfort or perspiration.

Our patented technology was in development for several years by a team of academics and textile engineers. They pooled their expertise and experience to come up with one of the most important innovations in disabled people healthy living.

For more details about Trade Days, please go to http://www.tradedays.co.uk/ and take note, that we’ll be on the Capatex stand TJ121.