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Pressure Relief Cushions by Airospring

Airospring produces wheelchair cushions and mattress overlays using patented 3D fabric technology.

Airospring is a revolution in the world of cushion ergonomics. Our pressure relief cushions distribute pressure evenly, dissipate heat and moisture and create a microclimate under the skin.

These products are designed for wheelchair users, and its size means that it will fit comfortable in any standard wheelchair. But, they’re not only for wheelchairs. They can also be used for long trips, your office chair or for any other times when you’re sitting down for a relatively long period of time.

Comprised of an outer sleeve and a 3D fabric inner layer, AiroSpring products are tough and durable – absolutely built to survive the stresses and strains of being an everyday use cushion. Additionally, as an added bonus, both of the layers can be separated and are washable. They are manufactured from high-tech 3 dimensional knitted fabrics. The product is made in the UK and is the result of five years of extensive research.

Choose AiroSpring – choose a better quality of life.

Patented Technology

Airospring is the result of the work conducted by the textile engineers at Baltex Technical Textiles and academics from the University of Bolton. We are experts on the science of comfort and healthy support and we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

The ground-breaking technology behind Airospring was awarded a full patent in August 2014, proving the effectiveness of our range of pressure cushions. The AS200 has just been evaluated in the British Journal of Community nursing in June 2016.

We’ve thrown out the rulebook when it comes to cushions, gone is the foam of ordinary cushions – we’ve replaced it with our patented breathable 3D fabric technology. This fabric is made of three layers, which spread and dissipate the weight and pressure evenly outwards, creating to a more comfortable and healthier seat. Our pressure relief cushions use the same 3D fabric tech as our mattress overlays.

The patented Knitted Spacer Fabrics have propelled cushions into the 21st century. When designing our products, we really thought about cushions and seating, and what they do to the human body when used for long periods of time:

Weight distribution – this is the main problem when it comes to ordinary cushions. All of your weight is concentrated on a very small area and this can cause problems like reduced blood flow and pressure ulcers. Knitted Spacer Fabric works against this by spreading the weight about, creating a more comfortable and healthier seat.

Airflow – lack of this can affect the disposition of your skin. Airospring products are designed to facilitate airflow, reducing the possibility of skin problems, perspiration and unpleasant odours developing after long periods of use. Perspiration is also another cause of ulcers. We know the importance of microclimate and our cushions create the perfect one for your skin to facilitate cleanliness and comfort.

Allergenic – Airospring pressure cushions are made of non-allergenic materials, so you won’t need to worry about any nasty irritations or flare ups when using this product for long periods of time.

Perfect for Any Seating

For thousands of years, sitting for much of the day was a privilege known only by those highest up in society, but now with the massive reduction in manual labour jobs and rise in jobs requiring a computer, it has become the norm for many of us.

With more people than ever spending more time than ever sitting on chairs for extended periods, it is crucial that they be provided with real comfort and healthy support. The answer to this problem is high-quality pressure relief cushions, and that’s where Airospring comes in.

The potentially life-changing cushions signify everything that we want to achieve as a company. We want to help a wide variety of people with comfort and support problems and we want it to be affordable for everybody. We recommend pressure relief cushions for wheelchair users, taxi drivers, those who work at computers all day, but they can be invaluable to anyone, no matter their job or circumstances.

Planning a holiday? You’d benefit massively from pressure cushions on long plane trips. Find cinema seats a bit hard on your spine? Take a cushion with you, so you can fully enjoy the film. Our products are lightweight and portable, meaning that you can easily take them with you whenever you need comfort on the move.

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