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Pressure Relief Cushions by Airospring

 Airospring produces wheelchair cushions and mattress overlays using patented 3D fabric technology.

Airospring Medical manufactures a range of pressure relieving devices. Our flagship products are a range of lightweight and breathable pressure relief cushions and mattress overlays made from high-tech 3D Knitted Spacer Fabrics. Airospring has been awarded a full patent in August 2014 approving this groundbreaking technology.  Airospring pressure relief cushions are the first to offer the true benefits of microclimate. Welcome to a new standard in healthy seating.

Our pressure relief cushions and mattress overlays distribute weight and allow maximum airflow which provides benefits to the skin through creating a microclimate and retains a healthy skin tone. The cushions have been tested for the dissipation of persipiration a key factor in the fight against pressure ulcers. We recommend our Airospring pressure relief cushions especially to wheelchair users, people sitting in front of the computer all day long  and taxi drivers. They can also be used for concerts, outdoors or just those uncomfortable seats we have to endure from time to time. Please see here what others have said about Airospring.

It is non-allergenic and provides contamination resistance and odour control. It has been designed with your health and comfort in mind.  For specific conditions or medical advice you should contact your doctor or clinician. The AS200 has just been evaluated in the British Journal of Community nursing in June 2016.  

AS100 Pressure Relief Cushion

Airospring is the revolutionary pressure relief cushion everyone is talking about. It distributes pressure evenly, dissipates heat and moisture and creates a microclimate under the skin.

It is ideal for anyone who sits in the same position for long periods of time. Airospring is produced from high-tech 3 dimensional knitted fabrics. The product is UK manufactured and is the result of five years of extensive research. Choose Airospring - choose a better Quality of Life.

Product dimensions : 45cm by 45cm by 4cm thick

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