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AiroSpring wheelchair cushions and mattress toppers are the result of extensive research carried out by the teams at Baltex Technical Textiles and The University of Bolton. Following 6 years of research and development, a new standard in healthy seating is ready for you to experience. Using high quality 3D fabrics they provide extra comfort , support and a little luxury for everyday life. Airospring  uses the latest innovative 3D fabric technology that embodies everything that is new and bold in textile and cushion design.

The technical and medical textile department at The University of Bolton is home to one of the leading institutions in the industry. Professor Subhash Anand MBE one of the world's leading academics in Medical textiles has been instrumental in their design and construction. 

The fabric used in all of AiroSpring's products is provided by Baltex, one of the leading manufacturers of knitted 3D Spacer fabrics in the UK, with a rich 186-year history of making the highest quality knitted products. 

Pressure Relief Devices from an Award Winning Company

The company was awarded the Innovation Prize for Technical Textiles at the 2010 Textile Institute World Conference thanks to the incredible invention of Airospring pressure relief cushions.

Our AS range of pressure relief cushions (consisting of the AS100, 200 and 300) are the triumph of all this research. We have spent years finding the perfect materials to make each of the three layers of fabric out of, chosen for breathability, support, weight distribution, durability and a fully washable range of cushions. 

Three layers of fabric allow us to concentrate on a different benefit and feature for each one. The three layers spread the weight around between them so that the pressure isn’t localised on just one small area. Pressure mapping trials have been conducted extensively at the University of Bolton to assess the performance of the cushions according to ISO 16840-2:2007.

The breathability of the fabric and high moisture vapour transfer of the materials provides a cushion which is highly breathable and prevents the build up of humidity within the cushion.Tests on the cushions have been conducted to BS EN 11092 to measure their effectiveness in managing moisture dissipation.  The materials used in the design of our products are also chosen for their non-allergenic properties.

Airospring was awarded it's first patent in August 2014 and we have further developments in the pipeline. 

Whole Range of Products

Along with pressure relief cushions, we’ve also got the AS45 Back Support Cushion and the MT230 Mattress Relief Topper. This variety means that our products can cover you whatever your situation. 

The products all are highly breathable and fully washable and provide pressure relief. Whether you need a Lumbar support or a breathable surface to sleep on,  AiroSpring has products to make your life more comfortable.