Tomorrow is a big day - the 17th November is Stop Pressure Ulcer Day. Now, this may not be a day that comes pre-written in your calendar, but it concerns a very important issue that thousands of people face every day. Sponsored by EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel), this event has been promoting awareness about this serious condition for a number of years now and we’re proud to be supporting this initiative.

What causes pressure ulcers?

Pressure ulcers are caused when an area of skin is placed under pressure for extended periods of time. The pressure disrupts the blood flow to the skin, which starves the skin of oxygen and nutrients, leading it to begin to break down. This begins the formation of the ulcer. It affects those with underlying mobility issues more than others. People who are admitted to hospital with sudden illness are likely to develop a pressure ulcer, as are elderly people who find it harder to get around and wheelchair users.

The bits of you that are most at risk are the areas which don’t have much body fat, such as the back of your head, your elbows, shoulder blades, knees, ankles, heels, toes, spine and tailbone. There are different grades of pressure ulcer, which range in severity from itchy discolourations at grade one, all the way up to tissue necrosis and high risk of life-threatening infections at grade four. That’s extremely nasty stuff that no one would want to experience.

How we are trying to help

Here at Airospring, we want to prevent this happening to anyone. That’s why we decided to design and develop our range of pressure relief cushions. Our cushions use our patented 3D fabric technology to stop the formation of pressure ulcers in a number of important ways. The three layers spread the pressure around, so that it’s not all concentrated in one area - this means that the reduction of blood flow which helps lead to pressure ulcers, is far less likely to happen. On top of that, the material is also designed to be breathable - it allows maximum airflow to keep you cool, and to reduce perspiration. Perspiration is another of the leading causes of pressure ulcers.

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2016

The EPUAP has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of pressure ulcers and their effects. We’re proud to support Stop Pressure Ulcer Day to broaden awareness of pressure ulcers and the damaging effects they have on people.

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