For anyone working from home having the right seating support is important to maintaining physical well being in the workplace. In too many cases we have seen employers who have not provided suitable equipment and seating to their employees working from home. 

Airospring believes in encouraging physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace #happyhealthywfh work better and more efficiently. 

See our guide below on ergonomics. 

Every person is different and sits differently. Using an Airospring seating cushion can provide support for the pelvis and encourage better posture. The seating position should be maintained in the upright position and ideally an ergonomic assessment should be done. Using a kitchen chair or similar in a bedroom where you are cramped over a laptop will lead to problems with the back. Back problems can last many years and be difficult to treat so prevention is everything. 

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and correctly.

Guidelines to seating - working from home

Small (<1.62 m) or slender built people often struggle to sit comfortably and well supported in a standard office chair. The armrests are too far apart, the seat height, although in the lowest position, is still too high, or the tension of the chair mechanism to too strong. The solution is chair built in a modular fashion which can be adapted to the user’s weight and height. 

Tall (> 2.0 m) or heavy (> 120 kg) employees often sit in an unnatural position. Often their wrists are bent, their shoulders hunched and their overall body posture is slouched. These postures increase the risk of complaints considerably.

Long (> 2.0 m) or severe (> 120 kg) employees often sit in an unnatural position. With bent wrists and shoulders hunched. Or slumped. These postures considerably increase the risk of complaints. 

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