AS100 - Airospring Seating Support Cushion *CLEARANCE*


Welcome to the AS100 - our best selling wheelchair cushion          

  • Soft and durable support
  • Made in the UK
  • It’s designed to fit most standard office chairs and also wheelchairs
  • Can help prevent back pain by improving posture
  • Size 18 by 18 inches - 45 cms by 45cms - 3cms thick
  • It is made from our breathable, patented  high-tech 3XD ™ fabric
  • It keeps your office chair cool in the summer and comfortable all year long
  • The whole cushion, along with its outer cover, is machine washable for continued and long-lasting use
  • The next generation alternative to "Memory Foam" cushions.


Seating cushionAirospring cushions are the sustainable option for the future. The vast majority of cushions are made from PU foam which ends up in landfill. Our cushions are made from 3XD Spacer fabric - 100% Polyester which can be recycled again and again. 

Airospring TM seating cushions are made from 3XD fabric technology which allows for high airflow keeping you comfortable and cool. It is the next generation of seating materials to take over from memory foam and performs better. It feels like "Sitting on Air" 

Developed as a medical product Airospring technology works well for those with back, muscle and joint pain.

Ideal for home workers, taxi drivers, driving commuters and those with back or hip problems. 


Osteopath Sue Morrison, who practices in East Anglia, says she is seeing increasing musculoskeletal problems stemming from workers sitting for long periods of time on unsuitable kitchen or dining chairs. 

Sue said: “We are dealing with a lot of spinal problems. During lockdown people’s everyday lives were restricted, so they couldn’t go to the gym or a Pilates class and instead they were spending long hours on their laptops.

 “A laptop is not set up as well for them as their office station would be and these cushions are extremely good as they offer support to stop the back sagging.”

Back pain


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 Key Benefits

  • The AS100 has been evaluated in the British Journal of Community nursing in June 2016 in an independently conducted user trial.
  • The cushion is a result of over five years of academic research at the University of Bolton. This product has a number of benefits, many of which you won’t find from others on the market.
  • The 3D spacer fabrics work to spread your weight over a wider surface area so the pressure won’t be concentrated on one small area. They provide pressure relief of foam cushions which are at least 50.
  • Combats pressure sores

Washing Instructions 

Remove outer cover and wash using a mild detergent at 40 degrees C. Use a short spin cycle to dry and replace cover over cushion inner. 


June 20  

These cushions are fantastic for long car journeys. I have had a sore hip recently and really notice the difference when I use one of these cushions!

Made in UK, Machine Washable (40°C), Mapped Pressure, Weight (Light), Comfortable, Breathable, Health Product

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