AS200 Pressure Relief Cushion


Brand Airospring


If you’ve ever wanted a cushion that is scientifically developed to assist to sitting for long periods and one that’s been designed to work effectively with wheelchairs then you have come to the right place.

Introducing the AS200 pressure relief cushion, the AiroSpring product everyone has been talking about. Manufactured using our fully patented fabric technology, you won’t find this product, or anything else like it, available from anywhere else.

Don’t suffer anymore

If you are one of the many people who find sitting isn’t ordinarily as comfortable and relaxing as it should be, this fantastic product could be the answer  

If you’re someone who needs to sit down for long periods as part of their job, like a taxi or lorry driver, or someone who requires the use of a wheelchair, then you will welcome the numerous  benefits this pressure relief cushion boasts. Lovingly created with state of the art 3D knitted spacer fabrics, you could soon be once again sitting in comfort.

Combats pressure sores

The 3D spacer fabrics work to spread your weight over a wider surface area so the pressure won’t be concentrated on one small area.

It also helps improve comfort by being breathable, which keeps you cooler and reduces humidity. Independent tests have proved the cushion's ability to dissipate moisture vapour  

Expertise and quality

The AS200 pressure relief cushion isn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill pressure relieving device. AiroSpring has worked in collaboration with technical and medical experts at The University of Bolton to carefully craft the ideal to comfortable seating.

Particularly suited to wheelchair users, seated office workers and all-day drivers, our flagship item is ready to transform your seating experiences today. Simply purchase and sit – it couldn’t be easier.

AiroSpring's revolutionary AS200 pressure relief cushion boasts a generous 5.5cm thick surface which you’ll sink into the very first moment you use it. Suitable for everyday use and a variety of applications, to improve your seating experience in the park, at a concert, at home  

Buy yours today and in the very near future, you could realise how it feels to be sitting on air.

Made in UK, Machine Washable (40°C), Mapped Pressure, Weight (Light), Comfortable, Breathable, Health Product

Key Benefits

Designed and created with your health, comfort and convenience in mind, this product offers a number of benefits, many of which don’t come with the alternatives:

  • Cushion promotes the transfer of moisture and dissipation of perspiration keeping and 100% polyester 3D Spacer fabric. 
  • Provides air movement as you move to maintain comfort and temperature
  • Around half the weight of alternative pressure relieving cushions
  • Effective pressure distribution offering consistent support 
  • 40°C machine washable for continued use
  • Fully conforms to British standards surrounding ignitability and safety

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