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AS400 Shaped pressure relief cushion


Brand Airospring

 The AS400 is a benchmark for washable wheelchair cushions and has been developed after 3 years of research at the University of Bolton. The cushion is suitable for low,medium and high risk.  The benefits over ordinary cushions are as follows:

  • Postural support with cut out section for the IT's (ischial tuberosities)- it spreads the pressure down the thigh sections.
  • Abductors and adductors keep the legs in a stable position
  • Pressure mapped to ensure effective distribution of pressure and reliable support
  • Patented 3XD Spacer fabric allows for dissipation of perspiration, air circulation and movement. 
  • The material adapts as you move and conforms to any demand placed by your position
  • Made with 100% 3XD Spacer fabric polyester, much better at allowing the cushion to breathe than hard gel cushions
  • Around half the weight of other cushion products at just 850 gms
  • Tested and compliant with ignitability British Standard EN ISO 1021 parts 1 and 2- Crib 5 with out PU cover - sold separately
  • Maximum weight 240kgs