AS45 Back Support Cushion


Brand Airospring



Back pain can cast such a shadow over every aspect of your life – you’re constantly reminded of your problem with every little twinge and crippling ache. Almost everyone will experience spinal issues of one sort or another at some point in their lives. One way to improve your quality of life is to make sure your back is getting the support it deserves when you’re sitting down. In addition to its line of pressure relief cushions and mattress overlays, Airospring has developed the AS45 Back Support Cushion as the perfect middleman between back and chair.

You’ll get the lumbar support you need with this life-changing product. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, be it for work or leisure, then you’ll certainly see the massive benefits this cushion has to offer. Ergonomically designed to support your spine and improve posture – it keeps your health and comfort at the forefront, keeping lingering pain at bay.

There’s no other back support cushion quite like the AS45. That’s because it’s been constructed with our patented 3D Spacer fabric technology, manufactured only by Airospring. It was awarded the patent in August 2014, proving the usefulness of our pressure relief cushions. Three layers of fabric dissipate and spread the weight around, meaning that the weight won’t all be focused on one small area. Poor weight distribution leads to reduced blood flow and is a major cause of pressure ulcers.

That’s not all, there’s even more to get excited about with the AS45. Firm and supportive, the materials used in its design are also fully breathable and allow for proper airflow at any given time. Airflow is the best way to combat perspiration and nasty odours – sweat is another leading cause of pressure ulcers. In addition, we use only non-allergenic materials in the construction of our products, so you won’t need to worry about any nasty flare-ups. We believe that comfort and coolness should come a standard when you use any of our pressure relief products.

This is the smallest and lightest product in our range, so it is absolutely perfect for carrying around with you. No matter where you plant yourself, with the super-portable AS45, you’ll always be guaranteed comfort and proper support. From the breakfast table, to the car and at work, the AS45 can come right along with you.

The elastic, adjustable strap allows you to attach the AS45 to almost any seat, making it totally adaptable to any situation you find your sensitive spine in. It is a must if you sit for long periods and are affected by stiff muscles. From wheelchair users to lorry and taxi drivers, office workers and simply anyone with a bad back, Airospring's Back Support Cushion gets straight to work alleviating pain and stress, whilst you sit back and get back to living your life.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes breathability and airflow, so skin stays cool and dry
  • Pressure mapped to offer consistent support and provide even distribution of weight
  • Non-allergenic, contaminant and odour resistant offering a healthy and non-irritant surface for your skin
  • Comes with adjustable elastic strap
  • Very light and portable

Spinal problems will only get worse if they are not corrected, and the AS45 Back Support Cushion is a fantastic way to give your back the support it needs to help facilitate recovery. You don’t need to carry on the way you are, wincing every time you sit down and aching all day – choose the AS45 and get your back on the road to recovery.

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